What the bleep is family photojournalism?!?

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These days this is my favorite topic of conversation.  I have to admit I have been talking about it to everyone I meet, whether it's in line at the Grocery store, at a friend's BBQ, or while picking the kids up from school.  It's an idea that has been developing in my brain for the last 20 years of my photography career.  I have to admit I am super excited about offering this new and fresh style of photography to my clients because I truly believe every family needs this, to capture the essence of what their family is all about. 

Ok... so what is Family Photojournalism? 

You won't find the definition in Wikipedia, not yet anyway!  Photojournalism is defined as telling a story with photos.  Essentially, Family Photojournalism is telling the story of families with beautiful photographs.


How does it work?

You decide on a 2hour, 3hour or "A Day In The Life" session.

You choose a location with an activity involved or a you choose a home session.

Locations can be at the beach, soccer game, at the ski hill, at the park or a spot/activity that is special to you.

Home sessions can be morning/evening weekdays, Saturday/Sunday morning, an all day session from 7am-11pm or a custom session timed around your schedule.

For home sessions, I usually spend the first 15 minutes getting to know your family and your home.  If it's a morning session I will show up in cozy clothes with no make up, to make you feel comfortable and to blend in to the morning environment. I will take photos mostly of the children and you interacting with the kids; as everyone is brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, cooking dinner, reading a story, and all the moments in between.  I don't use any extra lighting or flash or carry around heavy equipment.  Every family I have worked with so far has mentioned afterwards that they barely noticed I was there.  I want to capture natural family moments so it is really important to me that you are comfortable with me being in your home.

There are no posed photos and I encourage your family not to look at the camera at all.  People tend to change their face when they look into the camera especially children.  I am looking for natural moments and expressions.  I am making photos of emotional connections between family members in their natural environment.  I am making photos of the classic, funny and weird things kids do.  These are the photos that people love and these are the memories you will crave when the children are all grown up!

Why you need these photos even though you are shy to have something like this done. 

Chances are you work really hard to perfect your family schedule and flow.  Balancing work, house, kids and  relationships is something you are proud of.  Cherish the moments that make your family not perfect because those challenges are the ones you will be so proud of 30 years from now.  It's OK to have photos of the messy moments of life.  There is beauty in the juxtaposition between chaos and love.  You should also know that I don't judge anyone on their personal lifestyles, people say I am very easy to get along with, I smile a lot and enjoy all the simple things in life.

In my family we have adorable, funny moments all the time that I wish I had a picture of, if only I wasn't elbow deep in dishes.  There are lots of creative times that your kids have while playing alone that you may miss.  Having me as your family photojournalist guarantees that those moments are with you forever. 


To wrap it up, I feel like I am offering a better service for all families by taking family portraits to the next level. It's true that I am a tad bored with trying to represent your family in a few posed shots, forced smiles and matching outfits.  I am looking to build this genre of family photography, to provide a service that lasts generations in a more interesting way.  Please send me an email if you are interested in becoming some of the first families in this area to have these sessions done. 

2 hour session... 250

3 hour session...350

A Day In The Life session...700

I am offering a 50% off discount to the first 10 families to sign up for these sessions!





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